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Pulling Your Credit Report BEFORE You Apply For A Loan

Pic credit to Greenphile   Pulling your credit report before you apply for a loan can avoid unwanted real estate loan surprises and nightmares.  Just simply pull your own credit reports 60 days prior to applying for a California real estate loan.  There are a myriad of things that can be misreported on your credit […]

Do I Choose My Loan or Does It Choose Me?

  You may ask yourself, do I choose my loan or does it choose me. Choosing which California home loan to use when purchasing a home can seem daunting regardless if you are California a first time homebuyer or a move-up buyer or a refinancer.  But with today’s market the loan almost chooses you.  That’s right, the […]

California Real Estate and the Unintended Financial Reform Consequences

Now that we have the 2,000 page Dodd Frank bill signed into law, how is this going to affect real estate business in general? Is it going to stimulate the real estate industry? Is it going to help stabalize home values? Is it going to make it easier and cheaper for consumers when it comes […]