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Foreclosure Inventory Falls 19.5% in 2012

        The national foreclosure inventory fell 19.5% in 2012.  This is in part to the banks being more receptive to short sales and streamlining the process so that it takes less time to execute a short sale.  Banks for the most part have staffed their short sale departments since they’ve learned a short […]

A Tax Return Deduction That Hurts California Homebuyers.

Pic credit Arvind Balaraman                 It’s hard enough to find tax deductions these days, and everyone wants to pay less in taxes but there is a tax return deduction that hurts California homebuyers.  The problems is that lowering your taxable income or adjusted gross income, takes away from […]

Gift Funds Have Rules for California Home Loans

  When qualifying for a California home loan gift funds and their rules are coming into play these days more often. A gift, when it comes to real estate lending is quite simple.  A gift is a sum of money that is given to a home loan applicant preferrabley by a blood relative, for the […]

FHA Monthly M.I.P. Goes Up Again By .25% On April 18, 2011

For the second time in 6 months, it just got more expensive for a California first time homebuyer to own a home.   FHA has increased the monthly mortgage insurance premium.  The new premium will go up an additional .25% April 18, 2011.  A California first time homebuyer with less than 5% to use for a […]

Keller Williams Realty Inks Deal With CitiMortgage?

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.  Things are difficult enough for the real estate loan broker shops and now we have a prominant Realtor firm forming an alliance with one of the bid four gorillas.  Citi is indeed a big lender but they don’t offer all the mortgage products available.  The 1/2 […]