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Getting a California Home Loan In 2014 Will Be Tougher

  Getting a California home loan in 2014 will be tougher. January of 2014 will present another set of lending guidelines designed to keep lenders in line and make better California home loans.  An unintended consequence will be that 1 in 4 or 5 borrowers will not be able to get a FNMA type loan. […]

Pulling Your Credit Report BEFORE You Apply For A Loan

Pic credit to Greenphile   Pulling your credit report before you apply for a loan can avoid unwanted real estate loan surprises and nightmares.  Just simply pull your own credit reports 60 days prior to applying for a California real estate loan.  There are a myriad of things that can be misreported on your credit […]

A Tax Return Deduction That Hurts California Homebuyers.

Pic credit Arvind Balaraman                 It’s hard enough to find tax deductions these days, and everyone wants to pay less in taxes but there is a tax return deduction that hurts California homebuyers.  The problems is that lowering your taxable income or adjusted gross income, takes away from […]

Debt Consolidation Refinance Loan Lending Has Tightened

Debt consolidation refinance loans are commonplace in 2011.  Rolling in credit cards debt and obtaining home improvement funds are two of the most popular things homeowners include in a cash out refinance. The past 10-15 years people would routinely run up debt knowing that they have equity available to pay it all off if they wanted to.  When […]

Do I Choose My Loan or Does It Choose Me?

  You may ask yourself, do I choose my loan or does it choose me. Choosing which California home loan to use when purchasing a home can seem daunting regardless if you are California a first time homebuyer or a move-up buyer or a refinancer.  But with today’s market the loan almost chooses you.  That’s right, the […]

A First Time Homebuyer Tip On How To Maximize Your Purchasing Power

  A first time homebuyer tip on how to maximize your purchasing power. When purchasing a home a California first time homebuyer needs to know how consumer debt and its monthly payments affect their ability to qualify for a California mortgage. Here’s a statistic to remember, per $100.00 in minimum payments of consumer debt that is […]

California Mortgage|California Home Loan News

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