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Credit Report Disputes Can Doom Home Loan Chances

  Lenders are looking at credit report disputes in a different light now and now credit report disputes can doom home loan chances .  It used to be when obtaining a California home loan and the borrower had a dispute with the creditor for whatever reason, lenders would turn their heads the other way.  Lenders didn’t feel […]

Getting a California Home Loan In 2014 Will Be Tougher

  Getting a California home loan in 2014 will be tougher. January of 2014 will present another set of lending guidelines designed to keep lenders in line and make better California home loans.  An unintended consequence will be that 1 in 4 or 5 borrowers will not be able to get a FNMA type loan. […]

California cash home sales up 24.6% in 2012.

  Dataquick released figures, in February of 2013, that California cash home sales of residential homes is over double the normal rate. Los Angeles county is up 26%, Orange county nearly 29%, San Diego is over 32%, Riverside up 9%, San Bernardino 5%, Ventura increased 27%,  with Imperial being the only county showing a decrease of nearly 7%. […]

Lease To Buy Options For Real Estate Rule To Know

Pic credit to Idea go   There are some lease to buy options for real estate to know, both for consumers and people in the real estate community. With the way the economy is today, it’s more difficult to come up with a down payment to buy a property. The creative California home loan has pretty much […]

Home Vs. Rent Calculator From HUD.Gov

Pic credit to Damian Brandon If you’re anything like me you’re skeptical of someone pushing a service on you that sounds too good to be true or that you feel like you’re being pushed to buy something. Enter HUD.Gov.  They’ve created a nifty buy vs. rent caluculator where a prospective California first time homebuyer can […]

Pulling Your Credit Report BEFORE You Apply For A Loan

Pic credit to Greenphile   Pulling your credit report before you apply for a loan can avoid unwanted real estate loan surprises and nightmares.  Just simply pull your own credit reports 60 days prior to applying for a California real estate loan.  There are a myriad of things that can be misreported on your credit […]

No Cost California Home Loans Are Available.

Pic credit to Suvro Datta   Even with all the recent lending legislation passed recently, borrowers need to compare apples to oranges and know that the no cost California home loan is still available.  In a nutshell the way it works, the lender bumps your interest rate to create a pool of funds which pays […]

A Tax Return Deduction That Hurts California Homebuyers.

Pic credit Arvind Balaraman                 It’s hard enough to find tax deductions these days, and everyone wants to pay less in taxes but there is a tax return deduction that hurts California homebuyers.  The problems is that lowering your taxable income or adjusted gross income, takes away from […]

FHA Loans Are Better For Recent College Grads.

Pic credit to T0zz FHA loans offer more flexible options and guidelines for a college grad who is now a prospective homebuyer looking to secure a California mortgage. If a borrower has less than a full time 2 year work history, FHA will allow school attendance history toward the 2 year work history.  So if […]